The Siren.

I am a celestial soul trapped in an overflowing stream of blood-curdling beauty. I have soft-supple skin, stretches of it, soft to touch and pleasant to see.
I have beautiful, glistening plates running down my so-called fins.
Waves crash on me, swarming me in a refreshing, tranquilizing turquoise.

I have secrets, yet many do.
They are life-threatening, toxic, yet magnificent.
I sing my secrets, I cry for help, for that is the song I ever know.
I sing for my pain. I scream for freedom, a freedom my shackle bound hands will never know.
I am captivating, but will you ever glance at me if you were to see my horrendous intention?

I am a broken mirror.
I am a celestial beauty,
I am your worst nightmare.

Do you want to know my secret?
It’s a secret to die for.
Come closer. Yes, you!
Closer, and closer.
Leap to me, swim to me.

Come closer, I know that my voice is etched in your mind.
Closer, and closer.

Are you drowning in my sorrow?
Are you drowning in my lullaby?
Are you suspended in a beautiful, uncommonly clear, dark ocean?

Oh, what a surprise!

This is my secret.
Alas, they fall for it every time.



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