The Sterling.

26 Letters exist.

Each can be put into different combinations that would create an exclusive, well-defined, relevant unit: A word. Words hold several meanings. Some are so twisted and alluring that once read bring one thought to one’s mind: “What the heck did I just read?” Words such as ‘nudiustertian’.

Did I even read that correctly? 

Which mean nothing more than the day before yesterday. Sometimes meanings can be confined into more than one path. Afterall, words do create sentences. Sentences that tend to draw out a person’s feelings and inner thoughts. Emotions of anger, betrayal, happiness, love, and loyalty can be freely voiced through these expressions. Sentences that once  typed can create a world of science,  knowledge, art and creativity. Sentences that can open the gates to a world of boundless imagination. Sentences that once spoken roughly decide the fate of the bond shared between two or more people. Sentences that are able to bring joy to the surrounding beings. Sentences are made of words. Words are shaped by the various orders of the twenty-six, distinct letters. Twenty-six letters draw the fate of your day. As the famous saying goes: “Always think before you speak.”

©Copyright By Aya Benotmane.



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