Distorted aspiration.

“War”. One word. One picture: Horror and Destruction. War is perceived in two ways. The veracious side speaks out that the effect of war is destruction, death, and distress to both opposing ends. While the impassive side views war as a goal to gain more economic resources or as a path of revenge.

War is an outcome of a man’s nature of greed and desire. When merged together, these two key concepts result in aggression. Subsequently, desolation, bloodshed and anguish spurt out. It is believed that an individual understands and learns from formerly made faults; however, this claim objects to the theory of war.

Wars have started ever since humans set foot on the face of the earth. They have been reoccurring throughout history due to the same reason: Politico-economic causes. The craving for more resources to expand land, gain wealth and power will soon result in the reduction of these valuable gems.

If war is the solution to solving any worldwide economic conflict then we will soon drown in a whirlpool of our own ignorance and convergent thinking.

© Copyright by Aya Benotmane.



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