The definition of the word ‘Life’ is merely portrayed as the simple presence of an entity. Although what is life truly? What is its purposefulness? When asked about its meaning, any individual would simply answer with a parallel definition to the one stated above. However, if one is seated all alone, especially on a quiet and peaceful Saturday afternoon, sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, and permits their brain to wander and swim in the ocean of mindfulness. Inquiries about what the purpose of life start to pop up. The gears within our brain spin and whirl desperately trying to reach for an answer. Sadly, they gradually come to a halt, upon realizing that the purpose of existence has no pure explanation. Although the purpose of life is indefinite, the gift of experiencing it is precious on its own. This offering has to be taken care of, for it will never be given again.

© Copyright by Aya Benotmane.



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