Boundless delight

It began with short bursts of energy. Energy so intense that it turned heads of strangers. Some came to a hult upon realizing what an extraordinary and supernatural encounter is before their eyes. Others stare longingly, entranced by the flying colors surrounding them. Not everyone is capable of emitting so much power. So much radiation that brings joy to even the most stubborn beings. Giggles spread like wildfire through children, filling them with ecstasy that their tiny feet cannot contain. The gradual build up of applause turns into thunderous claps, mixed with resounding laughs between the citizens.

Oh what a joy! 

The dancer, now a bundle of fire, zipped along the borders of the colesium.Her bare feet skimmed the ground appearing as though she was dancing on thin air. Her dress, a flowing silk of lavender and pale green, trailed behind her.A smile  evident on her flushed face, emanated through the wind.

How wonderful it is to uplift people’s spirits by practicing what you love! 

© Copyright by Aya Benotmane.


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